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Great news for agile enterprises:
A metod exists for calculating the financial value of your agile initiatives!

Key Concepts & Benefits:
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The financial method is called Real Options and can be understood as the generalization of NPV calculation.
Real Options in brief (4’20)

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At Eutelsat, we need to plan long term businesses facing uncertainties and in such a context, flexibility has significant value. This is the reason why we have been using since 2018 Real Options as a financial framework and more importantly as a state of mind allowing us to define valuable alternatives. This approach has helped us assessing projects involving large investments to address technical and commercial uncertainties.”

Laurent Zenou
Director of Corporate Finance and Financial Analysis at Eutelsat

At AMAVI and StradiValue, our areas of focus are the valuation of intangible assets and innovative projects. In these areas, Real Options finance is instrumental to us: this method provides a transparent and convincing framework that supports co-operation, negotiation, and fast convergence of all parties. We also find the method easily applicable, as it works with any topology of business projects, and software exists for an easy implementation.

Prof. Dr. Véronique Blum
President of Association for Management and Valuation of Intangibles, Co-President of the Intellectual Property Valuation Committee in the Licensing Executives Society France

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